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Standard User dai2k
(committed) Wed 06-Mar-13 14:59:33
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FTTC - Random CHAP Authentication Failures

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Hi guys I have had FTTC fitted for the last week or so. But I have encountered what appear to be disconnection issues where the CHAP Authentication fails (MY ISP has confirmed this). My ISP has sent me a replacement router which i have set-up again, however this issue is ongoing.

I've also removed the front plate and attempted connecting directly via the back test socket using a filter in line. I am still getting these random disconnections.

I am now going to try connecting a different VDSL modem (a Huawei HG12 that I'm going to unlock if needed to check the line status) to see if this has any affect.

Does anyone have any suggestions bar what I have already tried or am going to try? Or is this another case of getting back to the ISP and getting BT out?


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