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Standard User garethr
(regular) Mon 11-Mar-13 22:06:35
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FTTP area with dwelling flags in checks now *CONFIRMED* as C

[link to this post]

A large town council in England anticipating a number of FTTP deployments on brownfield has now been advised by BT that all remaining FTTP areas (despite BT still confirming to members of the public that the area will be FTTP) are *ALL* being flipped FTTC as of Marchh 2013 after already passing though a flipping exercise in 2012.

The council concerned has also been advised that the commercial deployment only includes a further 20 cabs - many already installed but awaiting commissioning. This appears (I'll let you draw your own conclusions) to coincide with the commencement of the BDUK procurement process.

There is now a very real concern that some areas where FTTP is anticipated have been bumped from the commercial deployment entirely. Some of the bumped areas could include *URBAN* areas where the rest of the cabs on the Exchange have FTTC and should be regarded (for the sake of argument) as extremely *rural*.

All very interesting and hopefully useful to those awaiting FTTP.


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