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Standard User chipper366
(newbie) Tue 12-Mar-13 15:13:34
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no street cabinet

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Hi, just had a reply from [email protected] to my question of when fibre will be enabled.
Looks like I'm totally out of luck at this address but hope someone can clarify this email?

Thank you for your interest in our Fibre Broadband project. We are rolling out one of the fastest and largest commercial deployments in the world. Our commercial deployment will have extended to 66% of the UK by the end of December 2014. We aim extend this to 90% of the UK, in partnership with other sources of funding, e.g. local and National government.

Your line is fed directly from the exchange and not via an enabled street cabinet. Such connections did not fall within the inclusion criteria set at the outset for the commercial project rollout. Whilst, we are working on potential solutions for such lines unfortunately at this time there is no timescale for deployment. When areas have not come within the commercial project Government funding is available to Borough and County councils to improve fibre coverage and it is worth contacting your Council in relation to this.
Standard User R0NSKI
(experienced) Tue 12-Mar-13 15:48:29
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Re: no street cabinet

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It's exactly as the email states, most lines are fed via a street cabinet, but some lines are fed direct from the exchange. These can be close to the exchange or far away, due to some interference regulations or something, the necessary equipment can not be installed in the exchange for FTTC.

In some cases where practical a new cabinet may be installed somewhere between the exchange and area covered, or FTTP may be used instead.

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