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Standard User Fugitive_Legacy
(newbie) Sat 16-Mar-13 17:27:29
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Regarding non spots in non rural areas

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I'm hoping somebody could help me out here.

About two years ago I moved into a brand new housing development in Canterbury, at the time there where only about -50 residence. However, the development has now been finished and the final two phases saw the construction of a low-density upmarket terrace as well as a few apartment blocks. Overall I believe the development probably has +900 dwellings.

I was hoping that BT/OR would have the foresight to install an FTTC cabinet for the development last year during the Canterbury fttc roll-out. However, they did not. What confuses me more is that as far as I'm currently aware BT/OR ignored not only this development but also another significantly higher density development on the other side of Canterbury, which only has apartments and may well be over 1400 apartments. Both of which seem like prime locations for FTTC as they are upmarket, and quite high density. Both of these developments are actually located closer to the exchange than some areas which have received FTTC, neither have any exchange only lines.

With neither of these developments receiving any form of FTTC/P or even the plan to do so later. I'm hoping that BDUK funding will somehow help in getting a cabinet installed in my development.

However, I'm rather confused as to were the BDUK funding is being targeted at, as many seem to suggest that its primarily being focused on the less urban areas around towns which saw virtually no FTTC installations, or is this not entirely correct, will urban non-spots be covered?

As far as I can see the whole FTTC roll-out (as good as it is for those who can get it) has definitely created a bizarre fragmentation of what kind of broadband is available (e.g. Exchange Only Lines). I won't go into some of the areas BT/OP decided to install FTTC :/
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 16-Mar-13 17:51:47
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Re: Regarding non spots in non rural areas

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The BDUK funding is meant to be used to get 2 Mbps to everyone, and a target of superfast to 90%.

The question of whether Openreach plan to do your area commercially will be known to the county council as part of the BDUK procurement process. Some councils have released useful maps so you can check.

It is probably a case of waiting for the council to announce their project and then can pester for details of the plans.

There is nothing to say that the funding cannot be used for denser population areas, in fact in terms of bang per buck the development sounds ideal, but raises question of why developer never considered this as part of the original build.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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Standard User slimj
(member) Sat 16-Mar-13 17:56:59
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Re: Regarding non spots in non rural areas

[re: Fugitive_Legacy] [link to this post]
Why not check out VFast? They offer a service in and around Canterbury. They're a wireless based provider so you need a good line of sight to the PoP. Been with them for years as can't get FTTC here in Manston, never really had any problems that were not quick to be resolved.

They will be offering up to 50mbit connections shortly (you can get 25mbit now). Have a look at the Wireless area of the TB forums near the bottom of the forum list.

VFast Wireless Broadband.
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