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Standard User dauphin
(newbie) Wed 01-May-13 13:17:30
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FTTC end of 2014?

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My exchange (Helensburgh, WSHEL) was included in the phase 10b announcement in September 2012. At that time it was showing an expected activation date of end of 2013.
Subsequently BT announced that they expected to complete the rollout by Spring 2014. I thought this might have brought our date forward, but we remained at end of 2013 in the checker.
But at the time phase 11 was announced in February 2013, I tried the checker again and Helensburgh had been put out to the end of 2014, and there it remains.
I am not sure how this fits with BT's stated intention to complete the rollout by the spring of 2014.
Don't know what to make of this or whether it has happened to other exchanges. I assume BT have no idea when they will upgrade this exchange, and I could understand that, but why would they give a date 9 months beyond the anticipated completion of the rollout?
Currently I get 15MB through O2 LLU but with the acquisition by Sky I am keen to change ISP but nobody else other than TalkTalk can give me more than 8 MB so I will have to hold on until we get FTTC -assuming it becomes available at my cabinet.
I guess I am a little nervous that this strange change to an end of 2014 date might indicate that BT are having second thoughts about bringing fibre here at all....
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 01-May-13 13:19:48
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Re: FTTC end of 2014?

[re: dauphin] [link to this post]
Earlier this year to stop people complaining about changing dates, Openreach pushed all the dates towards the end of the commercial roll-out plan.

In short it is a case of keeping an eye out, and tracking the physical cabinet work locally.

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Wed 01-May-13 17:28:40
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Re: FTTC end of 2014?

[re: dauphin] [link to this post]
Samknows is still showing 2013 for WBC activation. But not when, and maybe that too will slip to 2014.

I expect you know that If and when that does happen all BT Wholesale ISPs, (nearly all ISPs), will be able to offer you ADSL2+.

In the short term I suggest you check out vivaciti, Aquiss, ADSL24 and xilo/uno. Some or all may be able to offer you products using O2 Wholesale, (which I believe may not be affected by the Sky sale - they will know), and/or TalkTalk Wholesale. Possibly monthly contracts around as well.

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