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Standard User jimbof
(newbie) Thu 02-May-13 07:13:10
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Using OpenWRT with Openreach FTTC modem over PPPoE (plusnet)

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My Plusnet FTTC is up and running, works fine with the plusnet provided router and the openreach modem, but that doesn't cut it for me for a few reasons. I have an OpenWRT box I built and was using fine when I was on TalkTalk LLU with a TPLINK ADSL modem via PPPoE. However connected to the openreach modem I see the following failure:
May 2 05:31:20 OpenWrt daemon.warn pppd[2739]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
May 2 05:31:20 OpenWrt daemon.err pppd[2739]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery

Anyone have this or a similar setup working?
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