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(sensei) Fri 31-May-13 10:18:53
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Slow Upload

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I have an 80/20 service which was, until recently, giving me around 59.5/18.5 and peak upload of around 18.7 and perfectly happy with it.


Then something happened and the upstream speeds have dropped to 17.2 with a peak of around 17.7. It is not really the top speed that is of concern - I have to accept cross talk and slight changes in noise level and the impact that will have although my downstream has not changed. It is the slow rise to 17.xx, taking around 70% of the test time. Compare the two graphs - initially it was straight up from 0 to 18.5 and now just a gentle rise.


Previously it was repeatable with the instant 18 and now repeatable with the slow rise.

Any thoughts? PC has been rebooted several times. Switch - rebooted, Router - rebooted, Connection - resynced, cables checked.



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