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Standard User sjdean
(regular) Sun 30-Jun-13 14:35:37
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Installing Cabinets with Break Neck Speed

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Im on the Springfield (CMSPR) exchange. Birmingham, second city, been largely overlooked for fibre. Even my brother who lives in the middle of nowhere has got fibre before me.


Been reading on how the installation of the cabinets take place, with someone suggesting weeks before each stage.

Quite literally within a week though, they've just changed a couple of the original cruddy BT boxes that were looking a bit manky.

Friday I noted some holes in the ground and some more cut outs of what appears to be fibre cabinets. by Sunday, the fibre cabinet is in, connected to power, all ducting in place....

I guess fibre blowing is next on the agenda before actual commissioning.

I really can't believe how fast this is going. Im kind of hoping that the fibre will be passed through from the Exchange by the end of the week and the Exchange will shift to accept orders from week after next!

I realise there's no way to know, but sounds promising. And our exchange has just in the past 48 hours shifted from "Future Exchange" to Coming Soon on the BT superfast broadband site with a prospective date of end of September.

Im hopefuly it will be sooner.

Interestingly, I note that the cabinet installed for me, yes, it's my cabinet, cabinet 13, is a 64 port VDSL cabinet.

Standard User hopkapi
(newbie) Sun 30-Jun-13 16:44:54
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Re: Installing Cabinets with Break Neck Speed

[re: sjdean] [link to this post]
I'm in the middle of the city centre and even though the majority of exchanges here have been activated for FTTC (although Midland just got pushed back to the end of the year), I've only been able to find a tiny handful of cabinets enabled so far/planned. I'm really not sure what's going on here, the best I can come up with is that the council attempting to get Super-connected Cities funding resulted in Openreach deciding they couldn't be that bothered with us. Maybe the increase in activity you're seeing has something to do with the government turning the whole thing into a voucher scheme?
Standard User sjdean
(regular) Thu 04-Jul-13 21:49:43
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Re: Installing Cabinets with Break Neck Speed

[re: hopkapi] [link to this post]
I got a feeling they're already blowing fibre. Some site have already been filled back in, but the cabinets aren't yet powered up.

However outside my Exchange, there were some men with a big roll of cable. But it didn't say "BT" on it. However they had some kind of big machine on top of it almost like they were installing the cable.


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