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Standard User jeffff
(newbie) Mon 01-Jul-13 15:53:13
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Can I really not get fibre?

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I've moved into a new property - it is one year old and seemingly never had a phone line installed.

The postcode for the property is BS16 1GQ

On first inspection, we are far from the exchange so we've been told we can expect 2mb max.

Looking on Sam Knows - it suggests that there several LLU services, ADSL max - but I imagine all of which will be 2mb ish. Is that right?

Sam Knows also says that there is BT FTTC.

Putting my postcode into the BT website gives no information, and I've just got off the phone with BT and they say that there is no FTTC for my postcode. Does this mean that Sam Knows is wrong?

I'm sort of reluctant to just accept the 2mb speeds,as putting out postcode into various websites for other services gives wrong information - since we are in a new property post-code addresses just don't seem up to date.

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 01-Jul-13 15:59:32
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Re: Can I really not get fibre?

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SamKnows lists whether any areas on that exchange can get a FTTC based service, not whether a specific postcode can.

The real test is what others are getting now in the immediate area.

Looking at a map FTTC is available outside the empty fields that Google is showing, so probably no FTTC for you as it is a new build built after existing cabinets were converted. Line length probably in the region of 4km to 6km so a lower speed in 2 Mbps area seems likely.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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Standard User R0NSKI
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 01-Jul-13 19:30:27
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Re: Can I really not get fibre?

[re: jeffff] [link to this post]
What Sam Knows actually says is "FTTC status: Available in some areas"

BT Wholesale checker shows WOOD MEAD, BRISTOL, BS16 1GQ on Exchange FILTON is served by Cabinet 28

You could email [email protected] giving your phone number/address and ask them what the plans are for your cabinet, you could also get in contact with whoever is covering the BDUK project for your area.

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Standard User slider1000
(newbie) Wed 17-Jul-13 19:52:36
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Re: Can I really not get fibre?

[re: R0NSKI] [link to this post]
I also live in the Cheswick area, i have been here for 2 years and connection has been slow the whole time. BT can never give you a straight answer as to plans to upgrade and they seem to quote dates for upgrade to fibre but nothing ever changes. Recently BT have quoted 30th Nov and stated that upgrade is imminent but having contacted Openreach too they have given me conflicting information. Openreach have said that there is no plans currently to upgrade cabinet 28 as it does not serve enough customers thus wouldn't be "commercially viable". I find this ridiculous as this must serve most if not all of the continually growing Cheswick estate (Bowery / Auroura spring etc) and there's now a care home, and a new school on the way. How can all of that be operating on 1mbps, whilst surrounded by Hewlett Packard, a university and the MOD! A petition has already gone around the area to highlight this and i have raised this with the local MP's office from the advice of Openreach as less commercially viable cabinet upgrades can sometimes be supported by council funding. Seems like a council vs BT stand off to me regarding funding, but hopefully the local Stoke Gifford MP can help put some pressure on as the current offering is awful. I would encourage more people to also contact MP Jack Lopresti - Willow Brook centre, Bradley stoke. I understand that Bradley Stoke had broadband issues for years and it was this route that finally helped.
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