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Standard User edwinm
(newbie) Tue 23-Jul-13 12:45:05
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FTTC Impossibly Slow

[link to this post]
I recently had Plusnet fibre installed. Had very good speeds until last monday when speeds droped to almost zero.
So far 2 BT openreach visits both checked line and ran various checks which proved moden training at 45 Mbps down and 10 Mbps UP. using BTopenreach speedtest results were 0.01 down and 10.0 up (yes 100kbps down!)
After both engineers visits no improvement! they even got profiles and restrictions reset.

2nd engineer's notes
Eu in service. tested and demonstrated to Mr Masters. On arrival the eu's router and openreach modem were in sync ok. the openreach modem was in sync at 53meg down and 10.3meg up but the eu's throughput, tested using the eu's router connected to my laptop via an ethernet connection was very slow at 20k down and 3.4meg up.... jdsu pair quality test passed ok and eclipse test passed ok. Jdsu vdsl closeout test passed ok with 53meg down and 10.3meg up with no errors. I have spoken to the triage team and bt wholesale and all setting are correct for this circuit. The triage team have now raised a second stage fault with a fault reference of '2063' for the dslam to be checked as there are other faults off of this dslam with the same symptons..... All tests passed ok and second stage fault raised via the triage team.
2nd engineer had just come from a very similar problem with another customer who also links into the same DSLAM box as me (brixham box 8) and so pushed it up the line to BT wholesale!

Plusnet's Visual Radius shows constant Session starts and closes.

Latest ticket message

Echat ref: 205822817.
Agent confirms second stage repair has confirmed there are no issues with the DSLAM.

Can anyone help with this problem?
It is now over a week without usable broadband and we seem to be no further forward. Plusnet blames BT openreach. Bt openreach blames BT wholesale and BT wholesale says there is nother wrong!!
I'm just stuck in the middle!

Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Tue 23-Jul-13 13:33:25
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Re: FTTC Impossibly Slow

[re: edwinm] [link to this post]
what does the BT speedtest say about your speeds and profile ? ie the advanced diagnostics. Cut & paste the results.

Have you tried downloading a file like or if that fails the alternative ports version or

Does your router log show lots of PPP session disconnects ?



MaxDSL - goes as fast as it can and doesn't read the line checker first.

MaxDSL diagnostics
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