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Standard User Stanman_24
(knowledge is power) Wed 31-Jul-13 18:33:51
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Update Sheldon birmingham exchange

[link to this post]

stechford exchange has quite a few new fttc cabs popping up yet on sheldon exchange nothing yet

photo taken on s3 lte btw

KRO BCFC smile


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Standard User kebabselector
(newbie) Mon 05-Aug-13 13:36:49
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Re: Update Sheldon birmingham exchange

[re: Stanman_24] [link to this post]
I got excited about stechford getting upgraded - until i found out my Cab isn't.

I've contacted my MP to see if he can do anything (you never know!)

Current on Zen, getting around 5mb.
Exchange is Fibre enabled, street cab not economically viable to upgrade.
Could get V*rgin, but I'd rather not.
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