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Standard User garethr
(regular) Mon 02-Sep-13 11:19:55
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Timescale for Cab reinstallation

[link to this post]

A set of cabs near me has gone in after BT getting some serious grief over lack of SFFB.

One went in in early July and should have gone live by the start of August. Due to the gnashing of teeth locally this was being taken seriously by BT and they are fully disclosing what was/is happening. Yes this is unlike BT, but I couldn't possibly comment about the competitor that was sniffing around.

Anyway, long story short, one cab was installed and OR realised it wasn't watertight So, apparently they have to replace it. They, however, won't/can't provide a timescale.

So.... Does anyone have any ideas on the turnaround time on replacing a FTTC cab? I know it's a long shot!


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