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Standard User csimon
(committed) Tue 03-Sep-13 13:54:27
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Exchange just gone RF-new cab expected but how will I know?

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My exchange (Llanberis) has gone to "FTTC: Available in some areas" as of September 1st, although Openreach and Superfast Wales web site still says Coming Soon (bit behind there guys!).

The exchange isn't actually in Llanberis, it's some 2 miles out. And my existing cabniet (cabinet 4) is in Llanberis but my actual village (of around 100 properties) is 3 miles the other side - hence my really poor ADSL performance of 0.4Mbps. I think it's fairly certain that Cabinet 4 in Llanberiis will be FTTC'd but I guess this might only give me fairly average DSL rates rather than superfast rates given the cab is 3 miles away.

But, neighbours have taljked with various Openreach people they've accosted in the area over the last few months and they've said they are looking at giving the village our own cabinet at last. They have been surveying the fields etc. I havent' seen any Openreach works going an as yet though, although they've been spotted laying cables in Llanberis itself.

The question is - when Cab 4 (my existing cabinet) goes live, will I be given the ability to order FTTC at that point at that cabinet, even though we might be getting a closer cabinet soon, or will they hold my number back until we get the closer cabinet? If I get the chance to order straight away, will I be connected to Cab 4 and have no chance of moving to the closer cabinet once that one goes live? How will I know whether the new cab is live before ordering FTCC, in case I get stuck on the old one?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 03-Sep-13 14:04:10
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Re: Exchange just gone RF-new cab expected but how will I kn

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At 3 miles distance to the cabinet I doubt Openreach will allow you to place an order.

A new cab is a possibility technically, just whether it is worth the cost to get you above the 2 Mbps USC level. Probably just as much chance of you getting full FTTP to your area.

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