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Standard User Bah_Humbug
(newbie) Thu 05-Sep-13 18:39:03
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Bosham Exchange (SDBSHM)

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Does anyone know what is happening regards fibre at Bosham? Samknows was showing it as RFS 1 Sept, and now shows it as available in some areas. Which areas? We have had a new fibre cab in our village (West Ashling) for some time and there has been much digging up of roads. I don't think anyone in the village is yet on fibre. I am on Cab 7. My ISP knows nothing and it is difficult to get any news.
Standard User CJT
(experienced) Fri 06-Sep-13 17:49:01
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Re: Bosham Exchange (SDBSHM)

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Hi there did you say you have a Fibre Cabinet next to your ordinary cabinet?

If you do try either inputting your landline number here: or use the address checker.

If you CAN get Fibre from some suppliers it will give you a speed estimate for FTTC or FTTP.

If it shows no details for FTTC/FTTP then you may have to wait for others on here to dig a bit more.

My exchange is Fibre Enabled but as yet we cannot get FTTC as no Fibre Cabinet is in place for us!


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Standard User adslmax
(knowledge is power) Fri 06-Sep-13 20:26:58
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Re: Bosham Exchange (SDBSHM)

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The same here. My area got FTTC enabled (Cuckoo Oak) but there is no FTTC cabinet yet (5 months now) and still no plan yet.

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