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Standard User bignose2
(newbie) Tue 08-Oct-13 17:34:45
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Will normal routers connect to a Fibre modem OK

[link to this post]
Waiting to get Fibre but have got a little confused & concerned.

Currently ADSL2+ normal TalkTalk ADSL router but used only as a Modem ( single ethernet to my Buffalo whr-hp-g300 ( router and then off to a network of wired & wireless routers. (6 or 7)

I use a variety of buffalo routers whr-hp-g54 (old) & wzr's and 3 or so whr-hp-g300n's. All on the same subnet originating from the first main router.
Everything works perfect, the DHCP OFF on all the other routers & everything gets it from

All these extension routers do NOT have modems built in so perhaps considered "cable routers" although not written on the box.

I have read on some ISP www's, Fibre installs say have to use OEM Modem & should use OEM router (most current routers won't work !!)

Am I missing something, I would have thought ethernet to ethernet is the same whatever.

Will I be able to either use:
OEM Fibre Modem > OEM Fibre Router > Buffalo WHR's onwards.
or just
OEM Fibre Modem > Buffalo routers

Is it just that to make sure if you have ADSL you buy a ADSL modem/router & a fibre install you have a Cable Modem/Router.

I got further confused as quite a few mention that the router needs to pass the password & user through to the modem. WIth my ADSL it is only the modem that need this.

I think I am OK but would like peace of mind.

A separate question.
Talk Talk or BT Infinity

I am currently on business with TalkTalk & have to say they have been pretty good and UK phone support that seem to be quite well informed.

However I suspect when exchange goes live do you think TalkTalk might be slow in taking up the service, I think I will be at end or close to contract so could move but think might be quicker in some respects not to change provider but I read that other ISP's might be slower to enable until they think there are going to get decent take up.

In a rural area & usually the last to get any good news but it seems Surrey have really got there act together and promised 99.7% coverage & really all before end 2014.
My Postcode before March 14 (Cable was laid the other week past my cabinet so believe it may even be true, won't hold my breath though). Not mention anywhere on BT roll out, it seems the council's roll outs are kept quiet'ish and happen quite quick.

Any thoughts on whether TalkTalk will be slower to enable.
Standard User David_W
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 08-Oct-13 17:56:13
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Re: Will normal routers connect to a Fibre modem OK

[re: bignose2] [link to this post]
Your Buffalo router has an Ethernet WAN port, making it what is sometimes called a cable router.

With the current engineer install FTTC or FTTP setup, you could connect the Buffalo router's WAN port to the FTTC modem or FTTP ONT. For most ISPs, you configure the router for PPPoE using the ISP supplied user name and password. TalkTalk and Sky use DHCP rather than PPPoE. So far as I know, TalkTalk uses standard DHCP. Sky needs authentication details passing in the DHCP options in a system sometimes called MER (I'm not sure whether they hand the details out on demand yet, or whether you still have to obtain them from your Sky supplied router).

Before long, self-install FTTC is likely to be here, and this may well become the norm with most consumer ISPs. In this scenario, the engineer does the work at the cabinet, and the ISP supplies the necessary filter(s) and router or modem for the user to connect themselves.

So far as the choice of ISP goes, there's plenty of options. Which option is best for you depends on what you are looking for from your ISP, and what services you wish to purchase along with Internet access.

Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Tue 08-Oct-13 21:43:54
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Re: Will normal routers connect to a Fibre modem OK

[re: bignose2] [link to this post]
I think your Buffalo is just a souped-up version of this one, which I and several other people have used for FTTC. Mine died after a couple of years and I haven't yet replaced it with anything - just using the "free" ones I got from Plusnet when I migrated my FFTC there from IDNet.

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