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Standard User Thaneral
(newbie) Wed 30-Oct-13 23:20:14
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Eclipse Fibre

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I recently regraded to Eclipse's FTTC offering, having been a customer of theirs for many years. I had my original ADSL 8MB Max then my ADSL 2 through the same ISP. I re graded to FTTC and was assured that the service would be the same. however this was not the case. on the ADSL and ADSL2 products they do not have any packet shaping and traffic filtering at all. yet on the FTTC products they do. I asked why they would take a perfectly good product and reduce the functionality? I was assured that "That's just how the company want to do it!"
So I laughed a lot. got my mac code and went to Zen. one of many ISP's who DO NOT apply any kind of packet filtering or shaping or P2P blocking.
Before you just to assumptions. I play Warcraft and the updates are all delivered using p2p as are many other application updates.
If you get the same issues, check out Zen, Andrews & Arnold or even Sky who have no such limitations.
I appreciate that people abuse the torrent technology, but I don't. I even agreed to allow Eclipse to place a wireshark on my account to see I was not up to no good. yet alas the only choice they had was to let me leave with a MAC code and give someone else my money.
Guessing they cant be long for this world, in an environment where service is everything. they shot themselves in the nuts.
why would anyone pay for half a service????
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Wed 30-Oct-13 23:45:21
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Re: Eclipse Fibre

[re: Thaneral] [link to this post]
No reason at all - I agree with you. I didn't know they did that.

You'd probably have found PlusNet OK as well. They specifically prioritise gaming and VOIP. Take a look at the end of your 12 months smile.

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