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Standard User csimon
(committed) Fri 01-Nov-13 14:32:32
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Why do Openreach/Superfast Cymru not publish cab schedules?

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There may be a really obvious reason for this. Why are the planned schedules of doing a cabinet for FTTC, or doing an area for FTTP, not released to the public?

I do understand that things can change, dates can move etc etc but there must be some sort of advanced planning going on and someone must have a spreadsheet on their PC which shows such dates. Even a vague indication of the quarter of the year would be useful, or whether it's been decided that an area is not covered. Or is there really no planning going on at all and Openreach do not know from one day to the next which cabinets their engineers are going to be sent to the next day, and it's a real surprise to all concerned when a cabinet gets enabled?

Apparently, they have been "surveying" my cabinet since early spring. They must be getting cold standing out there in the fields for months, looking at it.
Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Sat 02-Nov-13 11:00:24
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Re: Why do Openreach/Superfast Cymru not publish cab schedul

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1. If there is a delay in a published availability some tool runs to the ASA and complains that the proposed date was misleading advertising.
2. It's good business not to tell the competition precisely where and when you're launching localised services. There may not be any actual competition, but you get the idea.



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Standard User warweezil
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 03-Nov-13 11:42:02
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Re: Why do Openreach/Superfast Cymru not publish cab schedul

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Superfarce Cymru cant even stick to their stated priority designations, we are supposed to be in a priority area and yet other parts of the county outside the designation (Enterprise zone) have been advanced up the list while dates covering the two EZ exchanges has slipped back several months and is fully expected by most people to slip even further taking out expected date from 6 months from now to potentially in excess of another year away

Typical of the fudge that has seen this funding already squandered in areas Like Newport and Swansea that already have some fibre services while creating a a nice divide between the politically designated "west" that extends deep into South Wales and the "real west" such as Carmarthen, Ceredigeon and Pembrokeshire.

For all the waffle about bringing services and opportunities to outlaying areas the funding seems to have been allocated politically - often to areas that already have some access to services - and in the case of the claims by BT that fibre is aiding access to education etc, those studying courses from metropolitan colleges like Swansea in areas liek the 3 counties mentioned are having to wait longer while areas surrounding the metropolitan areas where students are only a short bus ride away from the main campus are being given priority.

SuperFARCE was a very accurate term coined by someone else whop can see the potential for this to end badly for rural communities when the money is swallowed up by the city infill schemes and provision for the areas with political allegiance to the ruling party at Cardiff bay leaving the rest of us sitting on flaky lines with last century services and falling further behind with each year

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