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Standard User smurkej
(regular) Tue 12-Nov-13 14:42:41
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BT brought the date forward - FTTC enabled!

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Hey guys,

Well I had a nice surprise today.

Initially FTTC at my cabinet was due for the "end of October"... vehemently looking forward to it was I....

Then, on the 31st of October the dsl checker said FTTC available 9th November, verified with BT's 'can you get Infinity checker' which said estimates were between October and November...

A week later and the DSL checker said 31st November - what!

I knew which cabinet I was connected to as it's marked at the end of my road, and I knew there was a new shiny cabinet about 10ft away that must have been for Fibre (cooling vents n all and it's not there on Street View)...

Anyway today I just randomly decided to check once again (probably the 3rd or 4th time since) seeing that it was due for the end of November. I did a check on BT's Infinity site and it said "Great News!! You can get Fibre..." etc. laugh w0000t!

I'm with Sky broadband so I've opted for the 40mb package and the new hub wiill come within 5 working days.

I was getting a bit annoyed with BT pushing the dates back but afterall they are estimates so just take them with a pinch of salt, and who knows - if you are waiting for superfast broadband you may get it sooner than they say!

It will make a massive difference in our house as we've got teenagers skyping, netflix, sky go etc. and on 6mb buffering is a real problem. Can't wait!
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