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Standard User pootle42
(newbie) Thu 12-Dec-13 12:23:04
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Strange differences in speed between chrome and firefox

[link to this post]
I recently had my broadband connection upgraded to ftc, and very nice it is too.

This morning, I noticed a software download was running very slowly, and following lots of tests I have found that:

windows single stream (firefox and chrome) drives my broadband connection flat out - linux with firefox doesn't quite manage this

windows chrome multi stream struggles and often degrades to a fraction of available bandwidth on my desktop, but is better (not great) on my laptop.

Why does windows chrome screw up on multi-stream - disaster mode on desktop

Here are a few results from this: (all wired connections)

This is the typical result for linux (firefox) on both my laptop (an elderly amd CPU in an acer aspire 6930G) and my desktop (1 yr old intel core i7 in Z77 chipset mobo - home built)

laptop - linux - firefox
49Mb single stream (ss)

60Mb multi-stream (ms)

13Mb upload (up)


Chrome on windows on my laptop peaks out out for singles stream, but is does vary - pretty good overall

ss:61 - ms:61 - up:11

nother test

ss:62 - ms:54 - 1up:2

firefox on windows on my laptop seems to suffer from slight nasal congestion too

ss:59 - ms ;46 - up:14

but on my desktop, firefox is the king - it does seem to suffer from a bit of turbo lag, but once its going....

run 1 ss:53 - ms:53 - up:13

run 2 ss:56 - ms:56 - up:13

but chrome on windows on my desktop just totally bottles on multi-stream
run 1 ss:62 - ms:8 (yes really) - up:13

run 2 ss61 - ms:8 - up:13

Obviously I'm going to give up using chrome on my desktop, but I am really puzzled as to why this should be.

just this guy in the broadband wilderness
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