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Standard User tenbyman
(newbie) Fri 21-Feb-14 00:57:50
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TBB Speed Tester Down HTTP x 6 and Down TBB using FTTC

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My results for Down HTTP x 6 are consistently and lower by order of magnitude than for Down TBB x1 since installing FTTC connection (BT infinity) 7 Feb 2014.
eg Flash Speedtest Results:

Thu 20/02/14 23:55 Down TBB: 28.90 Mbps, Down HTTPx6: 0.71 Mbps
Thu 20/02/14 18:57 Down TBB: 36.93 Mbps, Down HTTPx6: 7.89 Mbps
Thu 20/02/14 18:34 Down TBB: 36.77 Mbps, Down HTTPx6: 2.00 Mbps
Thu 20/02/14 18:10 Down TBB: 34.33 Mbps, Down HTTPx6: 0.05 Mbps

A picture is worth a thousand words see

Is this to be expected or is something wrong?
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