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Standard User jerrym
(newbie) Tue 04-Mar-14 19:13:43
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Openreach - Gap Funding Fibre Broadband

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I just spotted a section on the Openreach website relating to Gap Funding which I haven't seen before:

Does anyone have any experience of this approach with Openreach?

Interestingly it says that the first step is to find out whether the local council have a plan in place for your area, but my local council won't tell me beyond saying that they are FTTC enabling the cabinet which serves the village, but the line length is c.4km and so we won't see any improvement over the 1.5MBps we currently receive.

I would be interested in whether anyone has any indication of the likely gap funding that would be required although I appreciate that very installation is very different. My community comprises c.100 houses and the majority of the cabling is via overhead poles (I would guess at c.70%). The cables were replaced within the last 3 or 4 years and so I would suspect the ducting isn't blocked, but of course maybe full.

Also does anyone know what level of service take up Openreach normally expect i.e. what % of the 100 houses?
Standard User flipdee
(regular) Tue 04-Mar-14 21:39:30
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Re: Openreach - Gap Funding Fibre Broadband

[re: jerrym] [link to this post]
I'd be curious as to how they would accommodate long lines from cabinet position.
As I'm sure most non viable areas would be more rural with a higher chance of very long lines.
Everyone I've spoken to talk about £45 to £50k per cabinet excluding all fibre connectivity, it does make you wonder what the average cabinet deployment costs all in?
Standard User R0NSKI
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 04-Mar-14 22:22:33
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Re: Openreach - Gap Funding Fibre Broadband

[re: flipdee] [link to this post]
There was a couple of secondary cabinets upgraded recently where the main cabinet was too far away, the money to do this was raised by the village. I'm sure someone who knows the facts will reply soon.

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