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Standard User flipdee
(regular) Tue 04-Mar-14 22:58:57
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Nosy Parker

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Sadly as we don't have anything as useful as for Northern Ireland, anyone have any insight into what BTo are currently doing on the A26 towards Ballymena at the moment, it looks like a new fibre run but I can't be sure.
Hopefully it's something to help fill in the crazy gaps that BT seen to have left in the Ballymena, Broughshane, Glarryford, Cullybackey area, the main problem being distance to the cabinet I believe.
Unlikely of course.
Standard User flipdee
(member) Thu 06-Mar-14 13:42:33
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Re: Nosy Parker

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Weren't about yesterday but they are back again, pulling cable like crazy! Even in the rubbish weather!
Fair play, might stop and be extra nosy next time i'm passing.
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