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Standard User sjdean
(member) Mon 10-Mar-14 17:26:37
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CMSPR Cab 13 in Brum - Saga continues?

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There was work scheduled ~24 February to install 2 Metres of trunking. That now appears not to have happened. Although there is a very very very faint hum from the cab.

But now, they appear to have scheduled some work to find and excavate duct blockages in an area which would mean that if this work is FTTC related, means they have changed their mind a 3rd time over the route of the cable, and where this route was previously ruled out, they now seem to be looking for duct blockages.

This is getting beyond a joke. It's not the waiting that's bothered me, it's that actually, they've done nothing. Waiting all this time for them to have done nothing.

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