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Standard User robertdelamare
(newbie) Sat 22-Mar-14 23:53:27
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Here's a weird one

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Sometime between 18th Jan and 20th Feb my FTTC download speed jumped from less than 20Mbps to 30 or even 35Mbps as registered on the speed test here.

Nothing changed here; same wiring, pc, modem and router.

A year ago when FTTC first arrived at the cabinet down the hill, the OR guy who installed the modem registered 35Mbps on his hand-held device. I saw it. OK that was miles below the 75 plus that was talked about at the time but he said let it settle down and see.

Well, we had at least 6 visits from OR over the following months and at least 2 occasions when we lost all connection, voice and internet. This was costing me some £100 a time in lost business staying in for the visit. They wore me down and at least we got 15 to 20 if the wind was in the right direction; much better than the 8 to 10 on ADSL. You have to get on with your life.

Now suddenly after a year I'm getting 35 out of nowhere. Makes me wonder if we are all being told a load of ******?

I'm on the Cranleigh exchange, about a mile from the exchange in cable routing terms, the cabinet is about 700 yards down the hill and we are the last house but one on the street but I guess some 400 properties are connected to that cabinet.
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