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Standard User marcusjclifford
(committed) Tue 25-Mar-14 21:03:14
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Best FTTC Modem or Router

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HI All,
My local cabinet is finally ready for ordering and I've place my upgrade order with PlusNet for their 80/20 Unlimited.

I have also ordered their "free" router, and it is my understanding the BT Openreach engineer when he attends will also provide the actual modem.

Once that has all been setup and such I'll leave it alone for the 10+ days etc.

Following that though, much like my ADSL connection I like to really know whats going on and monitor things. I understand by default we don't have access to any of the line information via the modem?

Can I have recommendations for the best modem to purchase to allow me access to this information, or any general advice regarding the modem device its self.

Thanks in advance.

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Tue 25-Mar-14 21:19:03
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Re: Best FTTC Modem or Router

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You can largely ignore the 10-day idea. It was largely a myth on ADSLx and is completely untrue on FTTC. Whoever is in charge of the department that retains that rubbish should be "retrained".

Don't mess for the first couple of days, unless there is obviously something wrong. If there is a problem and you can get here, come and ask for advice before trying to sort it out yourself.

If you are given a Huawei modem that is fine. It is easily hacked to give full line statistics. The ECI is far from simple, so if the engineer walks in with one it might be a idea to ask "nicely" if he has a Huawei on the van. If you do end up with an ECI, you want a Huawei HG612 Revision B off eBay.

Good luck smile.

Edit - the 15-minutes to make the internet connection, described in the leaflet with the router, is true. Go make a cuppa smile.

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Standard User Computerman142
(regular) Tue 25-Mar-14 21:19:25
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Re: Best FTTC Modem or Router

[re: marcusjclifford] [link to this post]
A good suggestion for monitoring line information is the Hauwei HG612, which is one of the modems that BT supply for their fibre services and can be easily unlocked. If the engineer doesn't bring a Huawei modem when he/she comes to install the service you can get one from ebay for about £10- 25, such as this one If it was me I would also wait until the engineer comes to see what modem he brings with him/her.

If you are also planning on buying a router someone else will be able help you better with that.
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