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Standard User WWWombat
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 27-Mar-14 21:04:13
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"Realities of connecting the final 10%"

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While looking at the Connected Counties website earlier, from a news article yesterday, I followed a link to a document from Analysys Mason titled "Realities of Connecting the Final 10% of the UK with Superfast Broadband"

Can be found here:

Has anyone seen this before? It seems to be from last october, but I don't recall any news stories referring to it.

It is a document commissioned by BT, but AM say it reflects only their own opinions. It could certainly be read as some level of FUD, but it matches my personal opinion on the robustness & reliability that gets applied by large telcos.

There's an interesting snippet that refers to some community projects trialling the fact that their work gets combined with Openreach (option 4 in the report). Do we know what these projects are?
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