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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 31-Mar-14 14:01:05
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Annoyed at fibre cabinet delays - tell me - UPDATE 14/04

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Monday 14th April, first batch of 40+ enquires have been packaged up, checked and sent onto BT, will report back once I start sending out responses

NOTE 5pm 8th April: Just to let people know have a nice cluster and fingers crossed will assemble the data into a coherent list and see where we go. Some people have had emails from me as I've done quick checks independent of BT, but if you have heard nothing don't panic.

While the NGA enquires email address has closed and people are going through the annoyance at their cabinets date slipping we are going to try something.

If your cabinet has a Ready For Service Date, that has just slipped from 31st March to June or later and there is no other information about the cabinet availability or reasons for the delay then email me [email protected] and once I get a reasonable volume (guessing 30) or we reach 30th April I'll pass on request for info to BT.

Cannot guarantee an answer (concept has been given a lets try by BT), but we have had some success in the past, and by collating the results we remove a lot of the duplication from the BT side. What information do I need: Postcode, telephone number, cabinet and exchange.

The telephone number won't be passed on to BT, but having it makes it easier to verify the information.

If I get totally snowed under with enquires, I will call a pause.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as

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