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Standard User Benjanyan
(learned) Tue 22-Apr-14 11:05:41
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Superfast Leicestershire

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I was happy to see an email from "Superfast Leicestershire" in my inbox this morning advertising their new website with more details on the rollout in Leicestershire. A huge improvement over their vague coloured map from before. Seems they got my address from a survey I filled out all the way back in 2012.

Looks like we're getting fibre next year at home-home (student away at uni) in sleepy Sharnford. Hopefully, anyway! We're not a slow-slow-spot as such getting a average of 3-6mbps beings as the exchange is about 2KM away in Sapcote. I've also noticed that exchange (EMSPCOT) is a "Future Exchange" on OpenReach's superfast website and SamKnows as well.

Looking forward to it!
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