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Standard User DarkKobra1977
(newbie) Fri 02-May-14 20:46:30
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Home Hub 5 opinions and alternative suggestions

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Hey guys!

I'd like to ask if the HH5 was any good, as we've just had our cabinet go live for FTTC and have ordered our upgrade. We spoke to one of the sales reps, who said that they were going to send out the Home Hub 5. I asked him if it mattered whether the cabinet was an ECI or not. He told me it doesn't matter nowadays, is this true?

I'd also like to get peoples opinions of what would be the best setup to do? Is it better to go with the HG612 VDSL modem and get another router? Or to stick with the HH5 (Although I hear that the Port Forwarding issue is still present on the HH5)

I'm currently using a HH3 atm on ADSL2+, but am not convinced by it as I seem to be getting a couple of random disconnect here and there. Before BT I was using Be's Speedtouch 780 router which was really good. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks guys!
Standard User IranianGiraffe
(learned) Fri 02-May-14 23:28:58
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Re: Home Hub 5 opinions and alternative suggestions

[re: DarkKobra1977] [link to this post]
A friend had a HH5 and it kept disconnecting 4 or 5 times every night causing the DLM to throttle back the speeds, I'm not 100% sure but I think it was something to do with it checking for new firmware or something, apparently a fair few number of people have had the issue. He's since got an unlocked HG612 modem and uses it with a 7800n and since then he's only had a few disconnects and then it was the DLM giving him his speed back and removing interleaving.
When the HH5 work well they are apparently quite good but a lot of people are having the above issue, loads of posts on BT forum and on google etc about them.
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