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Standard User pau1777
(learned) Sat 19-Jul-14 12:01:25
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Plusnet fibre speed drop

[link to this post]
Over the past few days my fibre speed has dropped by at least 20mb >frown

Here was my last speed test

and here is my speed test from today

I have phoned customer support and was told there was nothing that can be done as my speed is "around the estimated speed"

I have had a stable connection for 8 months with the first speed
What can I do?

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Standard User StephenTodd
(experienced) Sat 19-Jul-14 13:09:07
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Re: Plusnet fibre speed drop

[re: pau1777] [link to this post]
Quite a significant drop. Probably worth running the BT wholesale speedtest at and including 'Further Diagnostics', which will narrow down a bit where the slowdown is. (I'm 99% sure this is relevant for PlusNet and other FTTC ISPs as well as for BT retail). If you've got an unlocked modem post the stats from that.

Also run a quiet line test (17070 option 2 with a wired analog phone) to see if there is audio noise on the phone line. If there is, that should be fixed by your phone provider, which may well allow your broadband speed to improve.

If you are lucky the slowdown was due to some noise blip; in that case it will improve again all by itself over a week or three.

BT Infinity 2, thinking of moving to PlusNet
Standard User pau1777
(learned) Sat 19-Jul-14 14:54:58
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Re: Plusnet fibre speed drop

[re: StephenTodd] [link to this post]

Results Image not loaded

1. Best Effort Test:

Download Speed : 46.2 Mbps

2. Upstream Test:

Upload Speed : 11.39 Mbps

Your speed test has completed and the results are shown above, however during the test an error occurred while trying to retrieve additional details regarding your service. As a result we are unable to determine if the speed you received during the test is acceptable for your service. Please re-run the test if you require this additional information.

I have not got an unlocked modem.
theredoes not appear to be any noise on the line though!

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