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Standard User b4dger
(knowledge is power) Sat 13-Sep-14 15:55:58
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TP-Link wr841n - slow wireless, any tips?

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After just moving to FTTC I'm currently using the supplied OR ECI modem along with a TP-Link wr841n router.

Last night I had a bit of a shock when my children started complaining that iPlayer and YouTube were "useless"! They were right - unwatchable with continuous buffering.

After playing around today I've found that it's the wifi at fault.
Connecting up an ancient Netgear WG602 Access Point (in the same room as the TP-Link) and everyone's happy again! I've just tested 4 versions on iPlayer at the same time going full blast around the house and all worked well smile

I would have thought that the newer TP-Link with a better spec would have performed better. I tried turning off 'N' to make it more like the old Netgear with no improvement.

Anyone got any tips of how to improve the TP-Link wifi?
I'm going to relocate it more centrally when I can (cables on order) but can't see how it would perform worse than my old kit.

After moving to FTTC I've now ended up with 3 bits of kit powered on all the time rather than the 1 - not very green this new world wink

EDIT: Just realised I should have posted this is the Hardware section - soz

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Standard User b4dger
(knowledge is power) Mon 15-Sep-14 13:37:50
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Re: TP-Link wr841n - slow wireless, any tips?

[re: b4dger] [link to this post]
After looking around I see that many people have issues with mixed mode - G & N etc. when they have numerous wireless devices.

I've also read that some people improve things by reducing the Channel Width to 20MHz from auto/40MHz.

I've installed a wifi analyser on my Nexus 5 & 7 which is useful to help troubleshoot:

Changing to 20MHz did increase the available signal for me.
But so far I haven't managed to equal the results I see on my old AP.

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