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Standard User PaulKirby
(knowledge is power) Fri 19-Apr-19 20:38:49
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Re: Exchange only lines. *DELETED*

[re: northantspete] [link to this post]
Like people have already said in your other post(s) about this, BT are still upgrading EO Lines, our exchange has also got EO Lines and yes some of those have either been upgraded to FTTC or FTTP.

I have also seen FTTC Cabinets get installed and about to be connected up to then removed, and then end up being "Exploring Solutions" so its not just EO Lines, some locations might not be suitable at that time, or maybe they had issues connecting it up (i.e. power etc) maybe people have complained etc it does happen.

So I say just keep an eye out and be patient.

I know this can be frustrating, we had to wait 5 years before we could get FTTP, and this was with all the hardware being already in place since 2011 and all that needed to be done was then to flick that switch.


Standard User northantspete
(newbie) Mon 10-Jun-19 08:36:50
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Re: Exchange only lines. *DELETED*

[re: PaulKirby] [link to this post]
The petition is now live btw, please now retry.
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