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Standard User boxst
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 18-Jul-18 23:23:44
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What happened to my FTTC?

[link to this post]
It got faster on the 14th July ... sadly just as I'm about to move house to 'probably' 15mb.

Suddenly went to:
> vdsl stat

---------------------- ATU-R Info (hw: annex A, f/w: annex A/B/C) -----------
Running Mode : 17A State : SHOWTIME
DS Actual Rate : 78150000 bps US Actual Rate : 20000000 bps
DS Attainable Rate : 90370984 bps US Attainable Rate : 21715857 bps
DS Path Mode : Interleave US Path Mode : Fast
DS Interleave Depth : 1138 US Interleave Depth : 1
NE Current Attenuation : 7 dB Cur SNR Margin : 0 dB
DS actual PSD : -5.-4 dB US actual PSD : -5.-4 dB
NE CRC Count : 42266 FE CRC Count : 95372
NE ES Count : 4063 FE ES Count : 72986
Xdsl Reset Times : 0 Xdsl Link Times : 9
ITU Version[0] : b5004946 ITU Version[1] : 544e0000
VDSL Firmware Version : 05-07-06-0D-01-07 [with Vectoring support]
Power Management Mode : DSL_G997_PMS_L0
Test Mode : DISABLE
Standard User WilliamGrimsley
(experienced) Fri 20-Jul-18 11:14:24
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Re: What happened to my FTTC?

[re: boxst] [link to this post]
Could be anything. Vectoring could've been enabled, a resync could've initiated after a crosstalker went offline, or the interleave depth/target SNR margin could've reduced.

Do you have stats from before the increase?

William Grimsley.

Edited by WilliamGrimsley (Fri 20-Jul-18 11:17:11)

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