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Standard User Taras
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 23-Sep-19 11:06:07
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Openreach website changes (again)

[link to this post]
So in the last two weeks The Openreach website for my area has gone from

FTTP is coming - you can order FTTC
FTTP is not coming to your area - you can order FTTC.
FTTP & FTTC is coming to your area.

Have OR got an issue with its data sets frown ?

For avoidance of doubt i have vdsl already, some parts of my exchange area has already got fttp and my area is supposed to be getting fttp. That aside, i'm just wondering how big a problem OR has with its data to the public.
Standard User CarlTSpeak
(learned) Mon 23-Sep-19 12:15:41
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Re: Openreach website changes (again)

[re: Taras] [link to this post]
Fine as far as I know. FTTC disappearing usually means full cabinet. Near release time of FTTP checker can vary as it can during the build process too.

Set an automated check on the BT Wholesale checker if just waiting for FTTP to become available. Saves checking the Openreach site >weekly when the results can and do change.

Building better networks, not just faster ones.
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