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Standard User wrocc
(newbie) Sat 22-Aug-20 17:29:57
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Download speed issues

[link to this post]
Hope this right forum to ask.

I have been having an issue with my download speed having dropped from a nice 27 to 25 and and now 21. I logged a speed fault call and ran various tests. Router is connected to Master socket.
Run a BT speed test and it said my IP profile was set at 21.68, the ISP agreed it had become 'stuck' and arranged for it to be unstuck. IP profile is now over 28, but am only still getting about 21.
My Broadband Speed Test

the router says:
6. Data rate: 4146 / 29782
7. Maximum data rate: 4197 / 29938
8. Noise margin: 6.3 / 6.5
9. Line attenuation: 44.5 / 26.0
10. Signal attenuation: 32.6 / 22.6

Anything I can do to get my download speed back?
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