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Standard User Yipykayay
(member) Wed 16-Sep-20 20:52:18
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Re: FTTP installation question

[re: Yipykayay] [link to this post]
I don't expect anyone to read this. I just want it written down somewhere for my own amusement at a later date.

I had a call from an Openreach guy last Friday checking I would be available for their visit on Tuesday as they needed indoor access. He said they thought the duct actually enters the property. I confirmed I had seen the duct and would have it exposed for them to complete the work.
When they didn't come on Tuesday. I phoned BT and was told they had been round on Monday and further investigation was required as they couldn't find the duct!!
I explained that the duct emerges below the floor in my under stairs cupboard and if they had bothered to keep the appointment, I could have saved them a lot of bother. The advisor was very apologetic and said she would arrange another appointment.

I got an email later saying the outside work would be done on 7th October. Not happy. I was about to call BT again today (Wednesday) when the Openreach van pulled up. Two engineers arrived expecting to have to dig in my back garden. I went through the story again and half an hour later the cable was in place. Woohoo. The duo consisted of a cheery young lady and a slightly older less cheery chap and they said it was probably the easiest install they've had this year. The cable goes directly from the chamber in the pavement to the hall cupboard where the ONT will be installed (a distance of approx 10m)
Now I just need to see if I can get the ONT visit brought forward from the new date of 16th October.
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