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Standard User ft247
(newbie) Mon 16-Nov-20 11:15:21
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Openreach FTTP build process

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So I'm in the Norbury exchange area for copper, which in the July 2020 update appeared on the Fibre First build programme as 'starting within three months'.

The September update confirms that build has started, some duct unblocking activities are showing on and some poles on my street have gained blue draw ropes tied around the bottom. Worryingly these are the poles either side of mine, which has nothing showing!

It's not a D pole and the area is dense terraced residential, 95% overhead fed but with the occasional small development fed underground (nowhere near me). There wouldn't seem to be any commercial sense to covering both ends of the street but not the middle - would there?

Looking at planned street works doesn't tell the whole story, the exchange spans three council areas, all of whom have a different attitude to work permits it seems.
Standard User moosekebab
(newbie) Sat 21-Nov-20 18:45:43
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Re: Openreach FTTP build process

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Does the pole have anything running up from the ground already ? I'm thinking yours may just be a feeder pole and your copper is actually fed from one of those other poles that they have roped.

There are a few like that on my street, where the pole just carries the overhead wire and the source is on an adjacent pole - seems to be where more houses were built after the street was first wired.
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