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Standard User Rhubarb
(committed) Wed 18-Nov-20 20:27:25
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FTTP Rollout Setback?

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Hi, does anyone have any inside info on FTTP for the area served by Buckley (WNBUC) Cabinet 8? Back in August there was considerable activity in our road and around the cabinet pulling in fibre and installing a CBT 12 & 8 on every pole. At the time the Openreach checker showed a 'purple top' panel for FTTP saying 'Faster and more reliable fibre is coming to your area soon.'. All seems to have gone quiet now but I'm a bit disappointed to find that the OR site no longer shows the FTTP panel but just says 'We're starting to build our ultra-fast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband in your area'. I also see that some houses closer to the cabinet can now order FTTP. I assume the step back from 'coming soon' is due to duct problems. Streetworks is not showing any planned BT work in the vicinity. Can anyone throw any light on this situation? Cheers - Andy
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