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Standard User bob_lucas
(regular) Sat 13-Feb-21 17:36:59
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Re: Problem with frequent dropouts

[re: 4M2] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by 4M2:
I would certainly get those required voice extensions filtered at the NTE5 using a filtered faceplate ensuring that any bell wires are not connected. A Solwise filtered plate, or ideally an Openreach Mk3 filtered plate, together with your long adsl lead for experimental purposes should be OK. If there is an improvement then you could go ahead with the "data extension" setup.

Good luck.

Thank you. That is very helpful.

I had previously fitted an ADSL V1.0 filtered faceplate at a different property. At that time, I also had to move the extension wiring to the new faceplate. The appearance is very similar to the Solwise version and it has always worked well.

I was previously unaware of the Mk3 faceplate. It seems to go between the existing faceplate and the NTE5/5A master socket, which avoids the need to change any of the wiring. All of the existing voice extensions become filtered and I gather that I could also plug a modem lead directly into the front of Mk3 faceplate, without the need for a separate splitter/filter. Installation of a permanently wired data extension could follow subsequently. Is that correct?

You recommended an Openreach Mk3 filtered plate, although you did say they are hard to come by at a reasonable price. I found this product on-line at Is it the correct one?

Please see the photo of my existing master socket at Openreach installed that socket at least four years ago (probably more) and I know the engineer disconnected the bell wires. As an added precaution, I disconnected the bell wires within the extension sockets. Would the Mk3 faceplate be compatible with my existing master socket?

As you say, the Mk3 faceplate is not cheap. However, it would still be a worthwhile purchase, if it avoids the need for an expensive visit by a BT Openreach engineer.

Incidentally, I have just noticed that dropouts seem to commence at around the same time every day. On most mornings, the Internet connection remains stable until around 11:00 am. Dropouts commence before midday, and the system remains virtually unusable throughout the afternoon. It stabilises around sunset and the router resets at 00:30 am every night. I don’t know whether that is because DLM triggers a reset. The timing is rather strange and I wonder whether the dropouts could be the result of external temperatures or other factors within the BT network. However, sync speed has reduced even further today and has fallen by almost 20 Mbps during the last three weeks.
Standard User 4M2
(knowledge is power) Sat 13-Feb-21 18:54:56
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Re: Problem with frequent dropouts

[re: bob_lucas] [link to this post]
The Mk3 filtered faceplate will fit your NTE5 etc. and despite the price it is probably a good, tried and tested investment. However if there is an external source of interference/noise affecting the vdsl signal at regular intervals a Mk3 plate probably would not help with that and an Openreach engineer's inspection would be required.

All you can do at this stage is optimize your internal wiring (premises side of the NTE5) and check that if there are any continuing possible sources of interference/noise they are not generated by any electrical devices within the premises.
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