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Standard User zebb_edi
(learned) Tue 09-Feb-21 18:10:45
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I switched to just FTTP just before Christmas and ditched my telephone number since I never used it. I'm completely confused though on how I can find out what any of the following are for my property to use on any of the checkers/speedtesters:

- Broadband Service ID (BBEU)
- Access Line ID (ALID)

I managed to lookup my UPRN ( but can anyone tell me how I can look up any or all of the above?

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Standard User witchunt
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 09-Feb-21 19:55:30
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[re: zebb_edi] [link to this post]
Please note that a Broadband Service ID can be used for all broadband services.

Access Line ID can be used for Single Order broadband services whilst Telephone Number can be used for traditional copper-based broadband services.

If you’re not sure what broadband service you have or don’t know your Broadband Service ID or Access Line ID, please contact your broadband service provider.
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