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Standard User TheLastMan
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 14-Jan-11 10:34:12
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Two months on Orange - update

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Well it has been nearly two months now since I moved from O2 to Orange to save £10 a month on combined mobile phone, home phone and broadband package.

The initial disappoint still remains. I moved from a LLU ADSL2+ connection at O2 with consistent 8mb/s download and an average 750kb/s true upload speed. Because Orange was shown on Samknows has offering ADSL2+ LLU connections I assumed that was what I would get.

Sorry to say they put me on a BT wholesale IPStream service which has halved my upload speed and led to less reliable download speeds - although my sync is the same at around 8mb/s.

I quickly learned that the Orange DNS servers were rubbish and switched over to a couple of OpenDNS servers which has made browsing the web generally as quick as O2.

Generally though download speeds are just about acceptable - I can stream BBC iPlayer pretty reliably even at peak times. With O2 I could stream HD content, but that does not work at all with Orange, despite an identical sync speed.

Customer service as far as I can tell is just there to fob you off. I have tried several times to get a switch over to ADSL2+ but they just keep me hanging on the phone then "escalating" me to a UK centre where they tell me to call back in a week if download speeds do not improve. I can complain until I am blue in the face that I am not as worried about download speeds as upload speeds, but they clearly have a brief to ignore all complaints about upload speeds.

Reading other posts here it is clear that they are abandoning their own LLU exchange equipment and moving over to BT wholesale equipment and packages. If I had known this before I would not have done the switch.

I am locked in for another 16 months now. I can live with the service as it stands, after all it is no worse than the Newnet connection I had before moving to Be then O2 - and I will have saved £180 compared to O2 by the end.

I doubt, however, that I will be staying with Orange unless there is a DRAMATIC improvement in the meantime.

Next time I will do a bit more research before switching!

Demon dial-up ('97) > Freeserve dial-up ('00) > Zen 512 ('02) > Metronet PayGo 1000 ('04) > Newnet Home 2050 Lite ('05) > Home 8050 Lite ('06) > Home 8050 M ('07) > back down to Home 8050 Lite ('07) > Be Value > ('08) > O2 Standard ('09) > Orange Broadband and Anytime Calls ('10) > ?

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