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Standard User TheLastMan
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 22-Feb-12 16:06:47
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Colour me an Orange shade of chuffed!

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It was 3 months before the end of my 18 month contract and Orange rang me. They offered me 2 months free subscription (worth £42) if I accepted a further 18 month extension of my contract for "Broadband and Anytime Calls". I needed to accept on the spot to get it though.

So I kept the sales girl talking by asking pointless questions sufficiently long to browse the web while we chatted and worked out that it was cheaper than taking Sky's latest offer, so I took the bait.

There was no mention of any serivce changes, so I assumed I would continue on my current ADSL Max 5,000 kbps down 448 kbps up service. However when I logged in this morning we were at 9,200 kbps down and 888 up.

I was not expecting a move to ADSL2+, a nice surprise bonus!

Demon dial-up ('97) > Freeserve dial-up ('00) > Zen 512 ('02) > Metronet PayGo 1000 ('04) > Newnet Home 2050 Lite ('05) > Home 8050 Lite ('06) > Home 8050 M ('07) > back down to Home 8050 Lite ('07) > Be Value > ('08) > O2 Standard ('09) > Orange Broadband and Anytime Calls ('10) > ?
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