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Standard User leexgx
(member) Sun 21-Apr-13 21:23:48
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Orange mobile Business Contract with Pocket Landline

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i know this is not an ISP question as such but it relates to Orange (guess you can move it if there is an place for this topic on this site)

Orange have offered me an mobile Business Contract with Pocket Landline has any one dealt with this before and how easy is it to port the Landlane number back out if that was ever necessary

as it work out way cheaper then paying £34 for Virgin landline with 400mins anytime for call diverts (i do not have an phone plugged into my VM line its just an Flat divert to my orange number)

at the moment my Orange contract is £26 but i could drop it to £10.50 for the same plan sim only 12 month, but i still be paying 44.50 in total with VM landline,
where if i do it with Orange Business way i pay £42 (if i can get them to do solo 40 for £35 ex vat) i can take my number to orange and i get an free phone (was looking at HTC ONE and unlocking it so i can use it on Giffgaff and use my blackberry still on orange as i prefer the BB for calender mainly) i get an silly 4GB of data as well (i never knew orange did anything higher then 2GB not unless you payed more then £60+ for an contract)

its the land line number i am worried about if i ever lost that number i have to work for some one (if i could find a job that is) i work for my self fixing computers, home call outs

i going to be giving them call tomorrow see what they can do

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