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Standard User Ianph
(committed) Thu 27-Feb-14 09:20:09
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brightbox 2 again

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morning all,

about 4:30pm yesterday 26th feb 2014 my connection went down, the router was connected to the cabinet but no internet, internet light was lit on the router still, after fiddling around trying to get it working thinking it must be something with the router or my PC, i checked all my other devices and they were the same.

during this i decided to try the ECI modem and use the brightbox 2 in ethernet mode but still didnt work so then phoned EE, i was told there was a big UK wide outage affecting all BT wholesale, plusnet ect and to monitor the connection, it eventually came back at 6:30pm !phew! so i ran a test on tbb as couldn't now read my stats due to using the modem, to my surprise the speed had gone up by 2-3meg and pings have come down from 16ms to 12ms and as this sync was made at night and in the windy weather would it be an idea to reboot later this morning to try to obtain a bit higher?

my tests are up from 65meg to 67meg with an ip profile of 69.24 am i right in thinking the sync must now be slightly over 72meg?

replies appreciated thank you

EE unlimited Fibre 76

70meg sync at 25 metres frown
Brightbox 2
Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 27-Feb-14 12:19:44
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Re: BrightBox 2 again

[re: Ianph] [link to this post]
Not quite! Sync = IPP/ 0.9679.

Always worth the occasional resync in daylight to try gain a bit of sync.

1999: Freeserve 48K Dial-Up => 2005: Wanadoo 1 Meg BB => 2007: Orange 2 Meg BB => 2008: Orange 8 Meg LLU => 2010: Orange 16 Meg LLU => 2011: Orange 20 Meg WBC
Standard User Mike_Williams
(committed) Fri 28-Feb-14 09:52:42
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Re: brightbox 2 again

[re: Ianph] [link to this post]
Looking through my speed test logs I can see a small slow down from 16:00 to 16:10

2014-02-26 15:55:00 [19 days 21:18] 0m 3.84s
2014-02-26 16:00:00 [19 days 21:23] 0m 14.75s2014-02-26 16:05:01 [19 days 21:28] 0m 14.43s
2014-02-26 16:10:00 [19 days 21:33] 0m 15.13s2014-02-26 16:15:00 [19 days 21:38] 0m 4.62s

At all times I was able to download this 5MB File from the ThinkBroadband site.

As you can see my router has been up for 19 days and the time taken to download the file was 5 times longer during the above period.

There may have been an issue with authentication, which my tests would not show.

Mike Williams

Info :-
Line: Length 250 metres
Modem router: Buffalo wbmr-hp-g300h + LinkSys wg54g both running dd-wrt firmware
IP Profile = Down 19418 kbps Up 1019 kbps

2012: EE WBC 20Mbps Down: 22010 kbps Up: 1019 kbps
2003: Demon ADSLMax 8Mbps Down: 8128 kbps Up: 448 kbps

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Standard User Ianph
(committed) Sun 02-Mar-14 11:05:36
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Re: brightbox 2 again

[re: Ianph] [link to this post]
well after leaving the ECI modem + brightbox 2 in ethernet mode it seems the brightbox doesn't play particularly well with ECI cabinets, my connection has gained a few meg back up to syncing at just under 73meg ip profile of 70.58 giving me speedtests of 68-69meg.

this i would think is now right i have been on FTTC for 18 months ish so crosstalk should about now be doing all it can to hamper my connection, hopefully it stays where it is now smile

EE unlimited Fibre 76

72meg sync
EE Brightbox 2 (Ethernet Mode) + Openeach ECI Modem
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