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Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 03-May-15 21:55:52
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3 Recent Major Outages for EE Broadband Services

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I maybe should have posted this earlier. In order decreasing nos. of users affected:
  1. Email accounts: Many, older ones say EE, accounts were locked against any access by their users, altho' still receiving incoming emails. Users are forced to phone up to get them individually unlocked; no blanket fix has been made available.

    It is believed that this is a deliberate ploy by EE to weed out unused email accounts.

  2. Webspaces: Similarly users of the Freeserve (& later) webspace have been prevented from FTP updating their websites altho' the websites are visible on the Web. Users are phoning or emailing to get them individually unlocked.

    It is not clear whether a blanket fix has put in place as the situation is further complicated by the closure of EE dial-up access last Nov. Prior to then webspace users who had left EE BB could update their websites over EE dial-up. For 5 months after this closure they were free to update over any ISP's BB or mobile network. With the fix of the current issue that freedom seems to have been removed and updates can now only be done over the EE BB network. It would appear that those users who still cannot update their websites are only those who are not on EE BB.

    Again this could be an attempt to weed out unused webspace accounts.

  3. For over 3 months players of Sky Poker & Sky Bet have found that their connection has dropped or is sluggish but only at peak times. Sky has admitted yesterday that the fault was at their end; something to do with an 'upstream provider' (?). They have changed their upstream provider and the problem seems to have gone away.

    It is not clear why this issue seemed to only affect EE BB users. All ISPs must go thro' the same upstream provider to get to Sky.

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