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Standard User samulam
(committed) Sat 04-Mar-17 11:47:56
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Orange email closure

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Hi, the email closure seem to apply to "Orang" subscribers. Does it apply to EE subscribers? If you hover the pointer at the EE button it says this does not apply to EE subscribers !! so what is going on? I am an EE subscriber and I have not received anything from EE. about this issue, even though my email address has "freeserve" in it.
Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 04-Mar-17 17:19:49
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Re: Orange email closure

[re: samulam] [link to this post]
What do you mean by an EE subscriber? Is it:
  1. A cust with an EE mobile contract? You don't get any email with that but you could've retained Orange email from a previous Orange BB contract.
  2. A cust with an EE Home BB contract? EE hasn't provided email with EE BB since 2012 when it started being called EE BB. Again you could've retained Orange email from a previous Orange BB contract or just run on to an EE contract in 2012.
  3. Something else?
EE's email has always been called Orange. If you have any email from EE it is Orange email. Indeed you needn't be an EE cust, having retained it from a previous spell with EE/Orange.

This closure of Orange email applies to any email you may have that is provided by EE.

Do you think EE is gonna keep its email servers up & running just for a few users, many of which aren't even EE custs?

1999: Freeserve 48K Dial-Up => 2005: Wanadoo 1 Meg BB => 2007: Orange 2 Meg BB => 2008: Orange 8 Meg LLU => 2010: Orange 16 Meg LLU => 2011: Orange 20 Meg WBC

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