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Standard User candlerb
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 03-Dec-20 22:12:58
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Re: FTTC to FTTP - New contract?

[re: wolvesmad] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by wolvesmad:
I'm struggling to pick who to go with next in all honesty.

TalkTalk 500 looks like a front runner for £40 a month. I know their support is shocking but i'm hoping I don't really need to speak to them like when I was last on TT.

Sky only go to 150 by the looks.

BT are a strong alternative to TT, although i'd be going with the 300 package with them I think. 2 year deal though.

Zen, i'm not keen on the 2 year deal.

IDnet, pricey, Aquiss are another alternative but are a little more expensive. AAISP only do 150 and Uno I am strongly considering - due to them offering a 12 month deal. Pulse8 330Mbps looks very good.

Most of your options are going to be 18 month contracts anyway: Aquiss is 12 month, but limited to 150M, which sounds like it rules them out for you.

It's a good time to take out BT right now. You can get 3 months free, no setup charge, and good monthly price. BT's support doesn't have a much better reputation than TT though. Make sure you check all the various links to get the best package price for the speed you want:

Zen may be a longer contract, but at least the price doesn't automatically increase at the end, so it saves hassle and gives you more flexibility should you wish to switch later.

Of the residential providers, BT, Sky and Zen give you IPv6. Zen gives you static IPs. These may or may not be important to you.

In reply to a post by wolvesmad:
My question regarding Uno and Pulse8 is i'd need to use my RT-AC68u. Has it got the legs to run a 330Mbps connection between multiple devices? I've got 24 devices, mainly IOT.

IOT isn't going to use much bandwidth, so I'd expect it to be OK.
Standard User wolvesmad
(knowledge is power) Fri 04-Dec-20 11:52:42
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Re: FTTC to FTTP - New contract?

[re: candlerb] [link to this post]
I have been thinking about the logistics of getting a stable 300Mbps+ connection to my office upstairs.

The obvious way would be to run Cat6 but I am limited, by landlord protocol.

The property is of similar layout and design to the one I am in now and my RT-AC68u provides a reasonable 250Mbps WLAN connection to my office over 5Ghz AC - it does fluctuate though.

I bought some TP-Link powerline adapters, which appear to top out at around 200-250Mbps. Obviously it may be better, it may be worse at the new place.

For the above reasons, I am now considering a slower speed and now Pulse8. As I can easily increase the speed if needed - no contract either.

I don't particularly want to spend a fortune on a new router. If the BT SH2 one blows the RT-AC68u away in terms of performance, then obviously I would consider them.

The Zen fritz box is another one on the radar. Is it decent?

Feel free to move this post as it's not really EE related now.


EE Fibre+ 78980 | 19999kbps

Zyxel VMG1312-B10A + Asus RT-AC68U
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