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Standard User mrnelster
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 04-Nov-18 20:48:12
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Alan Wake

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Planned downloading Forza Horizon 4 yesterday, but when going through my Steam Library, I thought hang on, I havenít given Alan Wake a go yet. Now Iím really glad that I did!


I downloaded it free from Steam a year or so ago, and just never got round to playing it. It looks crisp in 4k. Although the textures donít really warrant it most of the time, I play on a 4k TV, so.

The lack of ammo is irritating at first, until you realise that running for the sanctuary of a light source holding a flare above your head is integral to your chances of progression. The gameplay however is really enjoyable and I think thatís what got me hooked yesterday. Wandering around the forest with a torch - and actually needing it - is immersive. Itís not the smoothest experience at times. I suspect that is down to the porting, but itís nothing like serious enough to break the gameplay experience.

Iím not a jump scare type of gamer, but this really felt like an old school American horror flick with narrative. Well worth a try if you havenít already and like a bit of suspense, but without the heart attacks.
Standard User astateoftrance
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 11-Nov-18 23:11:47
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Re: Alan Wake

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Not a big fan of horror games but heard a lot of good things about this so will try and check it out - thought I also had it free from steam but can't see anything so must not have got the deal frown
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