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Standard User gary333
(experienced) Sat 07-Nov-20 13:40:19
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Xbox Download Speed

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Presonally I am not a gamer, or have much interest in gams however my kids have an xbox. I notice that previously on Now Broadband it would download at full speed most of the time at the maximum speed (however it was only a 40mb connection). After moving back to Virgin Media I can see the download speed (at least today) is only c.30-40mb/sec.

I've tried speedtests and they show full speed, tried the Think Broadband download 1GB files and they download at full speed 13.4MB/sec / 114Mb/sec.

Are the weekends just slow for xbox downloads? I was going to upgrade from the 100Mb to 350Mb over Christmas for the kids, however seems pointless if the xbox servers are not delivering at full pelt.

Any ideas / contributions. Xbox is (for the first time) connected router via network cable. Previously was WiFi.
Standard User Bryer
(experienced) Sun 08-Nov-20 22:50:06
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Re: Xbox Download Speed

[re: gary333] [link to this post]
Xbox is limiting server speeds at the moment for the preloading of Call of Duty Cold War I believe.

I'm hitting 60-70 on the download through my Xbox which is wired and that's my max on my FTTC connection.

Speeds vary massively on WiFi in my experience and they aren't always reliable speeds.

If you goto Settings > General > Network settings on the Xbox, you should have a test network speed, will run a test and show you the speeds and pings etc.

If you're seeing a ping in the 200+ region, your console is connected to the US distribution network, you'll need to change the DNS settings on the console to and which will route you to the European servers which should drop the ping to under 30 and increase your speeds from the XBL CDN.

Hope this helps.
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