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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 06-Mar-02 21:02:09
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Common Questions and Answers

[link to this post]
A sticky post - to give everyone a chance, and for the times of day when MrSaffron sleeps.

Having speed problems see, or some sites like Hotmal or other HTTPS ones not working
This news item
and this news item

Q&A on micro-filters/splitters is here
Find out how fast your ADSL line can run under Max or ADSL2+
Troubleshooting Q&A is here
Configuration guides for some modems
Generic USB modem FAQ
Alcatel USB modem FAQ
LED Sequence for Alcatel USB modem
Reviews of ADSL hardware
How much are ADSL modems/routers and where can I buy them
Devices that arent really ADSL modems, i.e. wont work if plugged into phone line
Anything else worth adding?

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